Supermarket, Inc.

Our History

The Tate Family Mission

In the 1890s our family immigrated to America from Italy. Originally settling in Sullivan County, the Tate brothers took jobs in the coal mines of eastern Pennsylvania. They relocated in Arcadia, Pennsylvania where they bought a farm and raised beef. Our grandfather, Anthony "Pete" Tate and his brothers opened a meat market and later a county store. In 1906 Clymer, Pennsylvania became the home of Tate Brothers Market. Our fathers, Anthony and George Tate, nurtured and guided the business successfully for more than 50 years. Currently operated by cousins George Tate and Denise Tate Packer, Tate's Supermarket remains there today.

Dedication, determination and diligence brought forth an enthusiasm and pride in this family business. These values have inspired our commitment to continue the "Tate Family Mission."

Hometown Pride

We will never forget our heritage, where we began and how far we have come. For over 100 years the Tate name has become a symbol of trust and pride in our community. We owe our success to loyal friends and customers and will never compromise the welfare of our customers in light of our own success.


We dedicate ourselves to excellence by striving each day to provide our customers with the finest products in a clean and wholesome atmosphere by friendly and courteous employees at competitive prices.

Family, Friends, & Neighbors

We value the friendship of customers, employees, and vendors that have endured through the ages. We recognize that their loyalty and support is essential to the continued existence and success of our company.


We have a strong commitment to continuing the Tate name and heritage. As an independent company, we strive to control our own destiny and be successful in endeavors, present and future.